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Infamy Bonus

„the communality between pop rock, hiphop, graffiti skating or whatever, these are things i participating in myself all these things its the spirit of youth and energy that connects all these things together. So the media connected in the early eighties breakdancing, graffiti, rap, and package it into this one nice little thing and of course in that same time there was white kids in queens love ozzy osbourne who writing graffiti too“ (Sacha Jenkins)

Im Bonus Material des Filmes Infamy sprechen Saber, Jase, Claw, Toomer, Earsnot, Enem und viele mehr über die tatsächliche Verbindung von HipHop und Graffiti im frühen Stadium der US Szene. [TWISTER]


Posted: 9. Oktober 2008  Posted By: admin  Tags: , ,