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StayHigh149 x Interview

„Well, with me it has always been a fun thing; I enjoy getting up you know. So I stay away from beef. If I see that somebody has beef, I go the other way, it’s not worth it. It’s a hard enough time to get your name up. Other guys did though, one guy goes over someone else and the next thing you know they want to fight each other. Its not worth it, its not what graffiti is about, Graffiti is about getting up, if you go over someone else and then they go over you, how are you going to get up? You’re only knocking yourself down when you do that, its dumb, it’s a dumb thing to do.“

Das Interview mit StayHigh149 hier, lange nicht mehr so symphatische Antworten gelesen..

Posted: 5. Januar 2009  Posted By: admin  Tags: , , , , , ,