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„I tried to find out who made the video and why. The artist called her­self Mrs Eaves, obvi­ously an alias. Type experts know that Mrs Eaves is both an influ­en­tial Baskerville revival by Zuzana Licko that intro­duced an extended set of never-​before seen lig­a­tures to the type world, and the maiden name of John Baskerville’s wife Sara Eaves. As I was unable to find much about the raison d’être of the movie I jumped to con­clu­sions and assumed that it was yet another attempt at a viral cam­paign, prob­a­bly for a pen com­pany or a swim wear label or some­thing similar.“

Das Foto haben sicherlich einige schon gesehen, mehr über die Promo Aktion, was hinter Gemma steckt, mehr Bilder und ein Link zum Interview mit Mrs Eaves hier

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