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BarryMcGee in Rom

BarryMcGee aka Twister ist zur Zeit in Rom und stellt in der Bonom Gallery aus, dazu gibts einige Fotos und ein englisches Interview mit McGee bei den Jungs vom Dragolab

„Its considered an art form here. I don’t consider this an art form…This is commerce. I’m not trying to bring the street into the gallery. There is real graffiti and there is trend graffiti. There are those who are doing the real thing and those who are selling out. There is a lot to be said for the trappings of a price tag. The maintenance of purity comes from treating this as a hobby, not as a profession. Graffiti is a passion and a lifestyle; it doesn’t come with a price tag.“

Ist das ein Statement oder ist das ein Statment….weiterlesen (via)

Posted: 22. September 2009  Posted By: admin  Tags: , , , ,