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When the night is over…

„Before a writing action there is not much going on in my head. The rising excitement, the stress, my fears or wild ideas about style and other graffiti related shit are spinning around, but i dont really get caught up or care too much about stuff like that. During an action, my face is hiding a bit more that before it. When i´m not in a dangerous situation in which i dont think at all, i tend to think about many different things that rarely have to do with the idea of defacing somebody else´s property. In these moments, i often find my thoughts running rampant through my own experiences. Things i did yesterday or five years ago. Things i enjoyed..things i did not enjoy. Finished and unfinished art projects. My youth, whatever. i start to evaluate and if a memory has a negative outcome swear to be better the next time around. The feeling after the act of vandalism is easier to describe, for a short time i´m pleased. Then i start to stare at the highway, which offer this thin line between prison and liberty. Once i get to these road i take a deep breath and begin to embody the artist and the critic at the same time.I scrutinize the artwork as i´ve done my past and keep the mistakes in mind and places to improve next time i go out and bombing. When the night is over im ready for a brandnew day“ (Peter Michalski, Dortmund, Germany)

Eines von vielen sehr guten Zitaten aus Ruedione´s´s neuem Buch Backflashes – Graffiti Tales. Ist heute bei uns eingetrudelt, Brett. Review folgt noch.

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