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Prostie from Berlin wants his Prosties back

Help me to get my prostie back.

Those people call themselves Artist , (see the attachment)

they definetly stole my Prostie, My only Prostie which I created when i was 5.

They making music and looked for a character that should be fits with the music. and then they took the prostie from the street and changed a little bit and voila here comes the brand new characters.

They put them on the CDs, postcards, posters , prints and online.

and even made a competition for their music video where those „strichmännchen“ should be shown.

even worst they even duplicated the gesture of prostie in their show (just like i LOL the yuppies).

What they doing HURTS me. I want my Prostie back, I dont want to be assosiated with those „artist“. They should not touch something on the street, make photo out of it and change a bit and claim that things theirs and making f***in profit out it.

This thing could be happen to all of us. Someone rob your identity and make profit out of it. without you know it. My Arts out there are for everybody. Not for someones profit. And I stand my ground, i say it loud and clear and i say it again : I want my prostie back.

So if you agree with me and If you want support me getting my prostie back,

you all can help me by send a mail to :




or direct to the record:

and tell them your opinion.

No, I’m not angry, i just want my prostie back.

sincerely yours,


Posted: 2. November 2011  Posted By: admin