Street Struck Magazine from Melbourne

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Street Struck magazine is a Melbourne based limited edition publication focusing on all elements of graffiti. Issue 02 is 80 pages and packed full of high quality mostly unseen pictures. Including full colour productions, legals, tracksides, panels, freights, blackbooks & bombing; from some of the city’s (and its visitors) most active writers.
Features include GDS Crew, Leo One and blackbook entries from Pudl, John Kaye, Presto and I-Spy

The magazine is limited to only 500 copies.

Issue 2 has just landed in Melbourne, now currently available at Giant, Villain, Obese Records and online at

It will be making its way around australia to all good hip-hop stores next week.


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2 x fresh Fred CHOSEN FEW

Früher im Schacht CRN 2006

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Stylefile KRIXL in South Africa

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unfinished business in Paris – CREME HARD MECK PARS RASH

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Miss Van´s „Women on the Walls“ – Wynwood, Miami

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The relationship between a man and his dog is beyond language

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great six minute short written, directed, and produced by joshua reed.