Monthly Archives: September 2008

Jaba JNC doing it in Singapore! What?

Classic oldschool footage from the days of the 1-letter throwup and masteroutlines, here is the graffiti segment from the 1987 … [more]

You probaly seen the Scarface movie featuring Al Pacino and his little friend. Well, here is a documentary about the … [more]

London eventguide TimeOut has an article on graffiti vandalism turned into a pressumed big moneymaker at an upcoming auction at … [more]

Check out the new Secret Wars website, check the upcoming worldwide tour dates and sign up for a battle if … [more]

Short hiphop break in all the graffiti news.You might have heard about the new movie coming about Christopher Wallace aka … [more]

Little teaser for new online videos, coming soon from Graffiti Magazine. I love that name.

Amazing artist Kacao 77 from Berlin has started a production of a series of new canvas, using the new Molotow … [more]

Want to know how the two most prolific Vandal Squad cops in Boston look like?Well, you are in luck, as … [more]

Famous Dutch artist and art icon M.C. Escher has 80 original works exhibited at Gl.Holtegaard, outside Copenhagen right now. Expect … [more]