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Toy Story Trailer (Bratislava)

TOYSTORY, that’s a video/documentary about people, which life their life in specific style. Their priority is vandalism and graffiti. Video captures behaviour/activity of this people in past year. 1WE crew – ONEWEEP is young crew from Bratislava in Slovakia and is concerning mainly the „illegal“ part of graffity.

TOYSTORY je video/dokument o ľuďoch, ktorý žijú špecifický lifestyle. Ich prioritou je vandalizmus a aktivita v maľovaní graffiti. Video dokumentuje správanie/aktivitu týchto ľudí za posledný rok. 1WE crew – ONEWEEP je mladá crew z Bratislavy/Slovenska a zaoberá sa hlavne „ilegálnou“ stránkou graffiti.


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Posted: 6. Februar 2013  Posted By: admin