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Stocktown Episode 1

Some of the freshest TV about youth and alternative culture ever was the Stocktown series. The next 7 days ILG will feature one full episode for you to enjoy. You can also download all the episodes over at the Stocktown website. The Stocktown series, directed by Andreas Johnsen, aired on television networks in Europe Oct 2002 & Jan 2004 and Japan in July 2005 and has been shown at film festivals and events worldwide.
Episode 1: Shingo2, the fader specialist and Japanese rapper, tells you about the connection between Ufo’s and hiphop music. Baba freestyles his way around the streets of N.Y and meets musicians and people on the road seeking for hope. From downtown Sydney, meet Hijak and Bradstrut, two independent artists telling you the truth about the scene in Australia. Apani B-fly female rapper from Brooklyn explains the hiphop rules on stage.

Posted: 29. June 2009  Posted By: twik  Tags: ,