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M.C. Esher exhibition report

Yesterday I decided to forget about the rain and autumn and go north of Copenhagen to check out the M.C. Escher exhibiton I blogged about earlier on ILG. It was at this nice and fancy place called Gl.Holtegaard, not quite like the galleries I normally attend. Inside was 80 works on display and it was really nice to see them live. Besides the shop there was a nice museum shop where I bought a few prints and one of the dopest exhibition catalogues I have ever seen, big hardcover book with loads of info and works of Escher. I pretended I didnt see the no-photo sign and shot a few flicks for ILG. Enjoy

This last one was displayed as the masterpiece of Escher and its damn good and detailed. So much that Kent used for his background part on this amazing wall done last year in last year in Dubai, UAE.

Posted: 1. October 2008  Posted By: twik  Tags: , , ,