MOS NYC and LA canceled

Posted: 28. August 2008  Posted By: twik

Meeting of Styles announced by today (MOS Newsletter) that the events in NYC and LA (USA) not gonna be happen at all:

“Next event: Meeting Of Styles, Montreal (Canada) 29th-31st of August. All systems go. Expect an impressive demonstration of canadian Graffiti-Art. New York City: new owner of the spot out of the sudden has withdrawn the permit. Presently we dont have a spot to realise the MOS in NYC. We are checking for an alternative, but chances are not too good. Chicago: all systems go. Expect a nice and colourfull event with expos and shows. Los Angeles: next negative info. Due to politics and anti-propaganda we didnt get the permit to realise the event. Presently we dont have a spot to realise the MOS in LA, so same as NY, we are checking for an alternative, but chances are not too good. We apologize for the inconvenience, but sometimes its out of our hands. Check the website frequenlty, we might come up with some new infos. Galleries are more or less updated, reviews coming soon.” [TWISTER]

via: MOS Newsletter

Remember my name Queen Margrethe II!

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Famous danish streetartist and writer HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName) and Queen Margrethe II both went to Mexico this year. HuskMitNavn did another great show and Her Majesty the Queen being a big artlover had to check out homies show. No details from the afterparty have been released yet…

Nose in the sky

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“GRAFFITI painters may like leaving an elaborate signature on their creations, but now the chemical signature of the paint may prove their undoing.

A Sydney company has developed an electronic nose that can detect the vapour of spray paint and instantly alert security officers, potentially thwarting millions of dollars of vandalism…

The device also captures information that can establish the brand and age of the paint, helping to secure a conviction.”

More about this bullshit invention from Australia here

This device will be very easy to sabotage. Simply spray into the air and create false alarms untill nobody cares anymore…

Better use the Bridge

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TheMac and Obama

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Good friend and great artist TheMac just returned from Denver, Colorado where the Democratic Convention is taking place. Alot of great artists are supporting Barack Obamas march for the White House. Check out TheMac’s blog with awesome artwork and support for a better and brigther future for America and the world.

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