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Graffiti film festival in NYC

Graffiti film festival coming up in May in NYC called Kings Of The City. Besides screening of classic films, you can see a preview of the new Cope 2 movie by Videograff, meet Manfred Kirchheimer, the director of Stations Of The Elevated and as a special treat meet Skeme’s unforgettable mom, Barbara Andalcio, from the film Style Wars and former Transit Police officer Conrad Lesnewski of Hickey & Ski fame!
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Kings of the City

Graffiti culture from New York to Europe and back via rare and classic documentaries, never seen photos, legendary writers and historians. Series includes month-long Graffiti Art gallery (with all sales going to Graffiti Art education non-profit, “The Walls Belong to Us.”)

Curated by Andreas Vingaard

Friday, May1st, 7pm

Saturday, May 2nd 1-11pm

Wednesday, May 6, 13,20,27 @ 7pm

Friday, May 1st

KET ONE Presents:

The Master Class with Straight Man aka Lava One and Two

Dream City

Dir. Steve Siegel


7 min.

Excerpts from Steve Siegel’s Dream City with loads of trains from the good old days.

Stations of the Elevated
Dir. Manfred Kirchheimer


45 min.

Director Manfred Kirchheimer presents his cult classic art film with music by Charles Mingus. Director Manfred Kirchheimer will be present for the q&a.

*** Opening Cocktail Reception in the Downstairs Lounge

Saturday, May 2nd

3:00 pm

1.) Stylewars

Dir. Tony Silver

Co-produced by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant


70 min.

2.) All City

Dir. Henry Chalfant


16 min.

3.) From Here to Canarsie

Dir. Henry Chalfant

Co-produced by Henry Chalfant, Jim Prigoff and Sam Henriquez


21 min.

Henry Chalfant has been one the most energetic documentarians of New York graffiti over the years. Henry will be available for book signings and will also present a slideshow with unpublished photos from the 80s. Graffiti artist Skeme’s unforgettable mom, Barbara Andalcio, from the film Style Wars and former Transit Police officer Conrad Lesnewski of Hickey & Ski fame will also be available for the q&a.


Tats Cru Presents

Kings of Broadway

Dir. Chris “Freedom” Pape


22 min.

In the 80s while some NYC writers went the gallery route other writers were kinging the legendary Broadway lines. This film tells the story of the latter and features the writers Ali, Bama, Crash, Ket, Part, Stan 153, Terror 161 and Zephyr.


Dir. Dick Fontaine


58 min.

Join Brim from Tats Cru as he crosses the Atlantic to get up. This rarely seen film also includes Bio from Tats Crew as well as the musician Goldie from the UK. Tats Cru, also known as “the Mural Kings,” is a Bronx based crew of prominent writers that made the transition from trains to commissioned walls.

Wednesday, May 6th


Graffiti Post Graffiti

Dir. Inner Tube Video


26 min.

This lesser known film deals with the initial interest from the established art scene in graffiti. The film features art dealers Sidney Janis and Tony Shafrazi and artists like Crash, Lady Pink, Fab 5 Freddie, Jean-Michel Basquiat among others.

Inside Outside

Dir. Andreas Johnson and Nis Boye Rasmussen


57 min.

Inside Outside presents some key figures from the current graffiti inspired street art scene including Zevs from Paris, Swoon, KR and Earsnot from NYC, Ron English from Jersey City, Adam & Itso from Sweden and Denmark, and and Os Gemeos and Pigmeus from Sao Paulo.

Wednesday, May 13th


Cope 2 Documentary Preview

Dir. Carl Weston & Sascha Jenkins


15 min.

See a preview of this work in progress on Bronx legend Cope 2 from the team behind the infamous “Video Graff” series.


Dir. Resistance Films


90 min.

This film tells the story of the Parisian graffiti scene from 1983-2003. The film includes interviews with Henry Chalfant, Futura 2000, Seen UA, Mode 2, JonOne, Bando CTK among many other legendary French writers.

Wednesday, May 20th


Forbidden Rebels

Dir. Forbidden Rebels


29 min.

A documentary on the New York scene made in 1983 featuring Dez aka DJ Kay Slay, Sharp, Delta, Spin and G-Man. With bombed trains for days.


Dir. Stunnedfilm


76 min.

The Dutch documentary Kroonjuwelen tells the story of one of the oldest and most important graffiti scenes in Europe. Some of the writers featured are Quik from New York and Delta, Shoe, Zap and High.

Wednesday, May 27th


Tunnel Vision

Dir. Reid van Renesse


2 min.

This short film with footage shot in 1983 shows Zephyr, Min One and Revolt painting a wall. Reid van Renesse will be present for the q&a.


Dir. Manfred Kirchheimer


85 min.

Spraymasters follows up on some legendary writers from the 70s and 80s. The film includes Lady Pink, Lee, Futura 2000 and Zephyr and lots and lots of trains. Manfred Kirchheimer will be present for the q&a.

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