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Practical joke

Found over at the ever funny, ever interesting blog of Rath aka Heavylox:
“This was the site of one of the best practical jokes I have ever pulled off. I was painting with Kem5, Ges, and Soem. At one point Ges stepped away from his area and while he was gone i took the can he was outlining with and painted the donut of a random can the same has his outline color, and replace the faked can with his outline can ( if you dont know many types of spray paint come with a slim piece of plastic [the donut] under the nozzle that is painted the same color as the paint in the can). Trap set, the wait began. After a little while Ges returned and got ready to continue out lining his piece, he picked up his out line can, which as you may remember much like the Sanka commercials had been secretly replaced. He put the can to the wall and did a little line that stopped fairly quickly. His face transformed from work mode to one of pure confusion. He checked the donut, yup thats the outline color. He trys it again. Dam it what the fuck it going on here? At this point im pratically on the floor pissing my pants. Watching the whole process from confusion to discovery was priceless. I am now wating for Ges to get me back, its been almost 3 years and im still waiting, vigilantly, sleep is the cousin of death kid. Im ready!”

Posted: 22. October 2009  Posted By: twik  Tags: , , , , , , , , ,