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Loooptroop news and download

Everyones favorite swedish rapgroup, the Looptroop Rockers are working on a new album right now in Gothenburg.
Looptroop and Denmark have been strongly connected since the mid 90s, and one of the proofs is this song from 2001 called Representin’ 2 da Fuldeste, which Looptroop recently put up for download at their site HERE (right-click save). Here is the story of the song:
Our good friend Simon reminded me of this old gem when we were listening to Jay Z’s DOA the other day, so I had to dig it out from the library back home and share it with y’all. It was recorded in 2001 in the classic Break Mecanix studio in Årsta, Stockholm and was featured on a mixtape called Denmark Style that Typhoon put out. It’s reminiscing of the good old days of the late nineties when hanging out in Copenhagen and Christiania was a favorite passing of time.

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