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69 movie release

Wow, after a hectic weekend, everyday life knocks on the door again and its time to get back on the blog.
Copenhagen Doxs, the capitals documentary film festival is in full effect, loads of dope films shown at unusual spots. Saturday saw the much anticipated release of the 69 film, documenting the Ungdomshuset 69 house from the inside, the squatting, the babylon overtaking, the rioting and finally the raise from the ashes at a new location. I had high expectations for this movie and was a bit dissapointed with the outcome. Still this movie has loads of unique, historical footage and lots of emotional clips that made my neckhair rise, blood boil and the feeling of unfairness turn my stomach. Its a must-see after all. The classic Grey Hall at Christiania was packed with 1500 people inside and just as many outside unable to get in for the screening. The afterparty was one of the best afterparty I ever attended, big ups to everyone there!
Trailer for the 69 movie:

Clip from the awesome Albertslund Terrorkorps show after the film:

The 69 movie will be shown on DR2 national TV in Denmark tomorrow at 20.30, check the possibilities of livestreaming here. The version at the screening was with english subtitles, so there is finally a chance for the international audience to get a glimpse of what the youth in Copenhagen have been fighting so hard for in the past years.

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